Tales of a Tsundere Ninja

idk why but i get so fucking irritated when people are ashamed of what they ship like fuck


im sorry but i i can’t the sasusaku thing is just killing me right now all i want to do is just die BUT the thing is that they had to change sasuke for him to like her so the real sasuke well forever love naruto because SASUNARU WELL BE FOREVER REAL AND CUTE SWEET AND JUST SO HOT TO FANGIRL’S EVERY WERE THAT WE DIE SEEING THEM TOGETHER, and im sorry but sasusaku well never happen soo sorry but:

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shout out to sasusaku for dealing with the crappy fandom you guys deserve the fanservice so here

edit:there i fixed it

its all fun n games til somebody bashes your ship on its tag

so i heard about the rumor of sakura’s father being the hokage am ikicked out yet

so i heard about the rumor of sakura’s father being the hokage am ikicked out yet


SasuSaku logic. If it happens in alternate universal then it WILL NOT happen in actual universe. Kishimoto is, supposedly, giving the fans what they want in movie because that’s his way of telling you it will NEVER happen.

congratulations here is your award:

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"Yeah, well he tried to kill her like three times and sasusaku can only be canon in an alternate universe! Ha, take that sasusaku fans," the fifteen year old suburban white girl replies. She leans back into her chair pompously knowing she had won the battle with her painfully original counterargument. However, a strange gut feeling resides within, "I-it’s only a movie so it’s not canon right? Yeah, just an alternate universe, haha. Plus h-he’s a playboy so he’ll be flirting with all th-I HATE SASUSAKU MAY THIS SHIP BURN IN HELL," she attempts to reassure herself but to no avail. She then proceeds to roll off her chair and float off into space only to be incinerated by the sun.

4 for you sasusaku, you go sasusaku